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Aerial Mapping

Altitude Filmworks provides photogrammetric Aerial Mapping and Surveying services for a wide variety of clients in the construction, mining, engineering, development, energy, and utility sectors. Our capabilities and equipment allow us to map sites and corridors from as small as 1 acre, to as large as several hundred acres.

In working with us, we will first determine your data needs – how your data will be utilized and what information you intend to extract from the data. We will then identify your data specifications and deliverables, and produce an overview map delineating the geographic bounds of the data set and locations of Ground Control Points. Upon collection of the data in the field, the typical turnaround time for data processing and delivery is 5 business days, depending upon the size of the mapped area. Our team is committed to delivering accurate, high quality data at reasonable costs.

Contact us to discuss your project:    (914) 656-4791 or jordan@altitudefilmworks.com

High-Resolution Orthomosaic Imagery:

Our mapping flights are generally conducted at an altitude of 70-100 meters AGL (Above Ground Level). This low-altitude capture method allows us to produce high-resolution, high quality aerial imagery up to 2 centimeter Ground Sample Distance (pixels). In order to produce manageable file sizes, the majority of our Ortho Photos are processed with 5-10 centimeter pixels. Depending on your data needs and total project acreage, we will customize your project’s Ground Sample Distance (GSD) to ensure the best combination of data management (file size) and level of detail. Our Orthomosaic Imagery products are delivered in Geo-TIFF format for use in various GIS and CAD applications.






Through the acquisition of high-resolution DEM’s (Digital Elevation Models), we produce accurate vector-based topographic data of your project sites. Utilizing Ground Control Points (GCP’s), we are able to achieve geo-referenced accuracy of +/- 5 inches in the X and Y axis, and +/- 12 inches in the Z-axis. This level of accuracy is very close to, if not better than costlier LIDAR capture methods. We recommend utilizing a minimum of 6 GCP’s (or more for large sites) to generate the most accurate data. Vector-based topography can be output to your specifications in meters or feet, with numerous file types for use in GIS or CAD software.





Digital Elevation Models:

Utilizing high-resolution aerial photogrammetry allows us to produce very detailed DEM’s (Digital Elevation Models) of your site. We are able to process and deliver DEM’s with ground pixel dimensions from 1 meter all the way down to 2 centimeters, depending on your data needs. Raster DEM files are delivered in Geo-Referenced TIFF file format for use in various software applications.



Digital Terrain Models:

We are also able to produce detailed DTM’s (Digital Terrain Models) of your site. DTM’s allow you to perform a 3D analysis of your site or project area.



We provide Aerial Mapping & Surveying Services for:

Land Development Projects
Mining Operations
Excavation & Volumetric Calculations

Oil & Gas Infrastructure
Transmission Corridors
Land Management

Environmental Inventories
Natural Resources Management

We would be happy to discuss your data needs and our process with you.  Please contact us today for a quote.



Altitude Filmworks is a Colorado based company providing Aerial Mapping, Aerial Survey, Aerial Topography, & Aerial Surveying throughout the mountain west and plains states including Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota & North Dakota. UAV, UAS, Drone, Unmanned, Remote Control, Aircraft.

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