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Real Estate Video & Photos


We offer low altitude, short range, remote aerial services capable of delivering high end aerial video and photography to enhance your real estate listing. Our fleet of DJI drones are able to fly anywhere from ground level up to 400 feet in the air with little noise and at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.


Altitude Filmworks provides a complete range of scalable production services.
Your project will meet professional quality production standards. We can provide the experience, talent and facilities to create a great product at an excellent value for your project.


Still not sure how to market your commercial real estate listing? No worries! We can help brain storm creative ideas and make sure your video stands out and makes a impact on your potential client!


The way you present your commercial listing to your investor or potential client is incredibly important, especially if you want to sell more then just the structure itself. But what’s the best way to go about it?
Aerial videos provide a very unique way of not only displaying the property from a unique angle, it also allows you to show the location in proximity to other important building, landmarks, and highways thus adding more value to the listing. Important information about the commercial estate such as square footage, existing contracts, income, and other important information can also be creatively displayed along side the video.

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